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Our Business Opportunity

How does this business work?

This business has been designed so that ANYONE with a sincere desire for success can do it - regardless of background or experience. Tell me more.

How do I make money with this opportunity?

A number of options are available to you as a Pre-Paid Legal Associate to increase your income - either on a part-time or full-time basis. Tell me more.

What does it cost start?

For less than $10.00 per month, Pre-Paid Legal lets you start part-time to earn a second income, or transition to a new full-time career while you keep your current full-time job. Tell me more.


What will I be offering?

Pre-Paid Legal provides an affordable cost effective solution to protecting you, your family and your business against any unforessen legal challenges through the establishment of pre-paid legal plans, with identity theft protection and much more. Tell me more.

What will I be paid?

There are several income streams available with Pre-Paid Legal. Income from personal sales, override commissions on the sales of others in your organisation and residual compensation on your personal and organisational membership sales. Tell me more.

Timing is Everything

History shows that when an industry hits a 2% market penetration, critical mass can be achieved. Pre-Paid Legal is currently less than two tenths of 1% market penetration. Tell me more.

Associate Benefits

As a associate you also have access to an extensive range of online savings and discounts for everyday use as well as being able to qualify for extra bonuses and rewards by earning points for signing up new members and new associates. Your points can add up to big rewards. Tell me more.

Events & Recognition

As a sales associate once you reach your target levels, you will be invited to attend various events in recognition of your success and be rewarded for doing so. Tell me more.


Hear from people who have used the service and know its value and its ongoing support. Tell me more.



Become an Associate

Become an Associate today and build a new furure. Enquire Here.


Please note: in order to become a Sales Associate, you must first be a registered Pre-Paid Legal Member with a current legal services plan before you can do so.

Pre-Paid Legal: A Model for Success

We help people from all walks of life live their dreams on their own terms.


As a Pre-Paid Legal representative, you’ll offer others a real solution to their legal problems. You’ll feel great about what you do. 

In addition, you’ll have a flexible business opportunity that allows you to work as your schedule allows. You don’t need a background in law — Pre-Paid Legal offers you a turnkey system to help you learn the business and succeed.

Whether you want to earn a little extra money part-time or start a business, Pre-Paid Legal offers you the freedom to make your own choices and decisions, with:

  • No large capital investment required
  • No inventory to maintain
  • Unlimited territory — we never restrict your market
  • Comprehensive training, marketing and operations support
  • Start your business part-time
  • No business experience or degree required
  • Earn income while you learn
  • You can build your own business

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Help Yourself by Helping Others

01Pre-Paid Legal is more than just a solution to meeting legal needs. Pre-Paid Legal offers a business opportunity that can give you the freedom that you’ve been looking for. If you’re looking for a fulfilling career that can give you the financial and time freedom you’ve been dreaming of, then Pre-Paid Legal may be the opportunity for you!

By helping others just like you and showing them how they can build a better financial future, you have the opportunity to build your own business. Best of all, you don’t need a degree in business to start your own Pre-Paid Legal business: you just need a desire to help people and a willingness to help yourself at the same time! With Pre-Paid Legal, by helping others, you help yourself. You’ll learn more about “how money works” and how you could, with hard work, have access to unlimited income. In today’s world of uncertainty and risk, you can actually earn what you think you’re worth.

A New Way to Live Life

02Imagine your life in a different light. Picture a life without debt or financial worries. Where you and your family have the freedom to do what you want, when you want to. Where you feel good about what you do every day.


Legal professional privilege

Legal professional privilege - how far is the scope?

On 17 March 2015, the Federal Court of Australia quashed a multi-million dollar tax assessment against Garry Donoghue by the Australian Tax Office, as the documents used to make the assessment were subject to legal professional privilege.

This article discusses the impact and the wide-reaching scope of legal professional privilege plays in light of this recent decision.

Read More


Vicarious Liability

In a number of jurisdictions employers can find themselves vicariously liable for the actions of their employees if they do not take steps to minimize the risk of harassment or discrimination from occurring in the workplace.  Whilst an employer’s obligations do vary depending on the jurisdiction, increasingly Courts are making Orders against employers and in some cases, Directors personally, where the Court has formed the view that the employer or the company Directors have caused a breach to occur, or have not taken enough steps to minimise risk, or have not adequately dealt with a matter once they have become aware of an issue.

Read More



  • S. Kumar, IDF GLOBAL WA

    It is very comforting for small businesses like myself to know that there is a legal resource that we can fall back on for any legal issues. I thank you for assistance in our recent case of a client refusing to pay us our fees, the matter was resolved quickly and to our satisfaction, we look forward to your continued support.

  • Jean-Jacques Lasm, Small Business Gurus

    This is to say thank you for providing me with such professional legal guidance and counsel through recent mortgage challenges. The peace of mind that comes with having access to such cost effective legal protection is priceless for individuals and small business owners. In fact I recommended Pre-Paid Legal to a client of mine this morning.

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When it comes to the need for legal services, it is not a question of IF, but of When

Don`t wait until its too late, act now and protect yourself from life`s unexpected legal challenges.


"All Australians, regardless of means, should have access to high quality legal services or effective dispute resolution mechanisms necessary to protect their rights and interests. In some cases, such services are clearly essential to ensure that an individual's rights are protected and injustice avoided. The objective of equality before the law is unattainable if people experience barriers that prevent them enforcing their rights. The most obvious barriers are the financial difficulties faced by people who cannot afford legal advice and representation."


Ronald Sackville QC -1994

About Pre-Paid Legal

Understanding the struggles that individuals, families and business owners encompass with not having access to affordable legal services, is the inspiration behind Pre-Paid Legal Plans. Learn more

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