Our Legal Service Provider Network


Our Legal Provider Network

Pre-Paid Legal provides its members with direct access to an experienced quality law firm when they have a Legal need. We have built a successful Legal Provider network around the world.

Pre-Paid Legal takes selection of its Legal Service Providers seriously. Our criteria includes only dealing with established Law Firms committed to providing quality legal services to meet the needs of our members.

We expect the providers to demonstrate understanding and empathy with our members and provide courteous and professional service at all times.

All Legal Service Providers providers must be in good standing with the Legal Practice Board in their state or territory and have a history of practising a service philosophy parallel to that of Pre-Paid Legal Services.


To ensure that our members' interests are represented only by caring and experienced high quality law firms, we require the law firm to: 


> Be established with a minimum of 10 years of operation;

> Be in good standing with the Legal Practice Board in their respective State or Territory;

> Provide specialist lawyers in the areas required under our legal service plans;

> Have a history in practising a service philosophy parallel to that of Pre-Paid Legal Services;

> Understand and empathise with the needs of our members and their legal problems;

> Provide courteous and professional service at all times;

> Treat all members as if they were their largest client, in most cases.



Legal Service Provider Monitoring System

Pre-Paid Legal continually monitors the quality of service received by our members through a variety of quality control methods, including:

> Legal Service Provider Profiles

> Member Satisfaction Surveys

> Member Feedback Requests

> Selected Case Filing

> Regular Providers' Meetings



 Our Legal Service Plans provide members with coverage for many types of personal and business legal matters, including but not limited to:

Working With Our Legal Service Providers


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Seek help early

By the time it occurs to you that legal advice may be needed, it probably is. The earlier you seek help, the more options you and the Legal Service Provider will have and the greater your chances of eliminating the problem altogether. Preventative law works!

Establish clear ground rules

A good relationship with the Legal Service Provider depends on good communication and a firm understanding of your respective needs and responsibilities.

Nothing breeds misunderstanding more than assumptions. Be clear about what you want. Ask questions and listen to the answers. The Legal Service Provider should listen carefully to you as well. They should clearly explain your options and discuss a timetable.

Respect the Legal Service Provider's judgement

The Legal Service Provider is working with you in mind and should not make any important decisions without discussing them with you. You must, however, respect their judgement and allow them to do their job. Remember that the law does   not always allow a resolution to your problem in a way that is completely satisfactory to you.

Allow the Legal Service Provider to be an intermediary

It is not always necessary to take a case to court. Trials are costly and sometimes the solution may be reached amicably without going to court, through negotiation or a mediation process.

What level of contact will you have with the Legal Service Provider

Some people want 'yes or no" answers, others want full explanations. Some clients want the solicitor to do everything and just tell them when it's done. Be sure to discuss what level of contact you want. The Legal Service Provider will give you legal advice but cannot advise you accurately if you do not follow the advice given. Keep the lines of communication open.

What should you expect if your case requires representation

If, based on the consultation, it is determined that your matter requires representation, you may be required to pay a retainer fee for services beyond contract benefits. This applies to all pre-existing conditions as well as to assistance and/or representation not fully covered under your contract.

What should you do if things don't seem to be going well with your case

If the legal matter isn't going the way you expected, if nothing seems to be happening or if you don't understand what is happening, speak up. Call the Legal Service Provider if you want more information. Also, let a Pre-Paid Legal customer service representative know about the situation and we will be happy to assist you, where possible.

What some of our Provider Lawyers have to say...

"We treat the individual member with the same care, concern and commitment as the largest client of our firm." - Bennett Carrol Solicitors

"If we can't keep one Pre-Paid Legal member happy when he or she calls, we'll have Pre-Paid Legal asking us why we didn't." - Johnston Withers

"In the years of providing legal services to Pre-Paid Legal members I have seen that each and every day there is a tremendous value and benefit in having access to a lawyer when you need one. If we can help an individual to resolve their legal issues before they become a legal problem, it makes all the difference" - Gramercy Legal

"Pre-Paid Legal has provided a valuable work flow for our Law Firm, and having the opportunity to help and resolve their members issues has been both rewarding and meaningful." - Swan River Law

"Since becoming a service provider for Pre-Paid Legal the firm has experienced a substantial increase in legal referrals, and enjoyed the opportunity of successfully handling a diverse range of legal matters on behalf of their members." - Mezger Legal

"Pre-Paid Legal Plans are the way of the future and being part of such a solution is a worthwhile experience for any Law Firm and an ideal way to build business and create personal relationships through the referrals provided whilst making a difference to those seeking your help." - Brett Davies - Legal Consolidated Barristers & Solicitors