Why should you have a legal plan in today`s environment?

On average 7 out of 10 people experience one or more legal life events every year!

The legal concerns of today`s multi-generational workforce can be a burden for many people and weigh heavily on their minds - affecting their attitudes, relationships, careers and most importantly their financial well being. 71 percent of employees in the past year experienced at least one legal life event, of these the most at risk were those in their early 20`s to late 40`s. Among those who experienced an legal event, 69 percent experienced two or more, while slightly less than one-half experienced three or more, and although some legal life events are part of everyday life, such as - purchasing or selling a motor vehicle, updating a financial plan or hiring a contractor to work on a residence. Others are less common and can have a much stronger impact, such as the death of a family member, child custody issues or caring for an ageing parent. No matter what the circumstances may be, the facts are that family, financial, home and motor vehicle legal life events are everywhere, the most common being: purchase/sale or lease of a motor vehicle, credit trouble/debt collection, rental/lease of an apartment or property, motoring offences including infringements/loss of license, hiring a contractor for work on a residence, sale of a motor vehicle, caring for aged family member, purchase of a primary residence or investment property, the creation of a will, estate plan or trust, child support, custody or visitation issues, warranty and repair disputes and financial planning issues. Yet whilst 7 out of 10 people experience one or more of these types of legal life events in a 12 month period, less than a third seek the assistance of a lawyer to help deal with their concerns.

Why? When it comes to hiring a lawyer, many consumers feel uncertain about how to tell a good lawyer from a bad one, many feel unclear about exactly what a lawyer will do for them and most are worried about how much a lawyer will charge. So, as a result over half of those who actually need a lawyer tend to shy away from doing so.

Why are legal plans needed?

For many, legal services are among the most difficult services to buy. So a legal plan offers a smart, simple and cost effective solution to finding and accessing the right legal support.

A legal plan lets a member talk to a lawyer whenever the member thinks he or she might have a problem, without fear of cost. With proper legal advice most problems can be avoided or quickly resolved. And if further services, such as having a document reviewed or prepared, representation in court or some other form of legal support is required, a legal plan helps a member find the right lawyer and provides for the prepayment of legal advice, consultation and representation combined with a discount fee-for-service benefit designed to help offset in part or full the cost of the members legal service. By putting legal advice as near as the telephone, legal plans enable members to prevent legal questions from becoming legal problems. Sixty-five to eighty-five percent of all problems brought to lawyers through a legal plan can be resolved through nothing more than sound advice and a small amount of follow-up.