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Business Loyalty Programs

Rewarding your customers certainly benefits them but what about you?

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We offer a unique advantage. A loyalty solution that lets you manage your business whilst rewarding you in the process. How by helping you:

> Increase Customer Retention - Ever hear of the 80/20 rule - where 80 % of your sales will come from 20% of your customers? Customer retention is vital to any business and the key to healthy business growth. Our Loyalty Programs will not only help you retain your most valuable customers they will help maintain your edge over the competition.

> Draw More Traffic to your Business - Through your own website, you can have customers enroll for membership, check their point balance, review rewards available to them and shop online, increasing your website frequency and the value of your business. We also offer a great opportunity to help you promote special offers to increase loyalty and entice new customers.

> Increase Communication and Repeat Business - Have personalized emails automatically sent to your customers keeping them informed and advised of new offers - its free! A great way to keep them for visiting day after day and keep them thinking about you. You can also include a special offer inside to entice them back again!

> Increase Customer Spending - Add incentives like points on slow-moving products or off-peak days to encourage increased traffic and spending. Life`s Rewards is an attractive selling tool to new prospects and enticing to previous customers that you haven`t seen in a while.

> Gain Insight into your Customers - Discover your most loyal customers. Track your customers visits, frequency, money spent and more with our marketing reports. Anticipate sales trends, see where your marketing dollars are most valuable and segment your customers for target marketing.

> Establish Positive Word of Mouth Referrals - The best advertising is a positive reference from existing customers. Loyal customers tend to make referrals to your business more often. You can increase excitement by offering bonus points to your current customers when they refer a friend to your business.

How can you reward your customers? - Its Simple

As a business owner you don`t always have the time to consider how to increase traffic and customer support as you`re busy with the day to day operations of running your business. So why not let us help you with your customer retention! We offer a variety of solutions. Whether your a business owner wanting to increase customer loyalty and sales, a company looking to reward employees, or an institution looking for away to motivate your staff and reward your clientele, we have the perfect solution for you!

> Loyalty Programs - We offer unique loyalty programs to help you retain customers and build your business. Whether you are looking to award points for dollars spent, issue coupons for special deals, frequent purchases, or referrals, our flexible solutions help you implement a program that is right for you.

> Gift and Loyalty Card Programs - Throw away those outdated certificates and get a customised Gift or Loyalty Card program. The best part about the gift card program is it is one of the simplest programs to operate. They look great in store, branded with your businesses logo. Take up little room and arn`t redeemed straight away, allowing you to bank cash ahead of time, collect interest or use it towards other operations. People spend more on Gift Cards than any other form of voucher, certificate or coupon.

> Employee Loyalty Programs - Employee engagement is a key factor in improving performance, morale and productivity outcomes. Recognizing performance with a rewards program drives and maintains employee engagement and retention, maximises staff satisfaction and in the process creates positive behavioral change while minimising the costs to management in administration of the program.

> B2B or Coalition Programs - Our business 2 business network programs can be tailored to local, state, national and international businesses offering their value proposition to all within the B2B network, providing an online format which distinguishes and identifies each business by industry category. Our coalition programs connect multiple merchants to a single points based program or Gift Card program. Coalition programs are generally geared towards shopping centres, local affiliations, industry affiliations, etc.

As a Pre-Paid Legal member, you not only have the advantage of legal assistance and support when you need it. You now have the opportunity to increase your own businesses traffic and in doing so reward yourself, your customers and your associates in the process. 

So let us help you reward your customers, so you can grow your business.

As a Member you can also refer or tell your clients and associates about Pre-Paid Legal and the services we offer. If you do you will go into our member benefits draw to win a collection of Penfolds Wines one of Australia's premium wine brands, to enjoy or collect. You can refer as many clients and associates as you like to increase your chances to win. We will also place your client or associate into the same draw just because you referred them, regardless of whether they join or not.

Have a client or associate sign up as a Pre-Paid Legal "Business" or "Personal" Plan member and when they do, we will not only give you a choice of Gift Cards valued at up to $100 but you will also be eligible to win a fabulous Lord Howe Resort Holiday away for two. One of a few truly unique and intimate Australian resort stays on offer as part of our members lifestyle rewards and benefits program.

The more clients or associates you refer, the greater your chances to be rewarded and indulge in the finer things in life. Click here for your LHI Holiday Planner.

Not a Member but would like to be. 

About Pre-Paid Legal

Understanding the struggles that individuals, families and business owners encompass with not having access to affordable legal services, is the inspiration behind Pre-Paid Legal Plans. Learn more

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