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Employee Loyalty Programs

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With an employee benefits program, your organisation can show its appreciation for the commitment, loyalty and support of its team members by granting them access to Australia’s largest selection of products, services & exclusive offers at discounted prices, either online, via mobile devices or in-store. We offer a program suitable for businesses of all sizes - from 10 to 100,000 employees. 

Employee recognition is core to any employee engagement strategy. Recognising the contributions and value of your employees creates harmony and can increase productivity. Employees are much more likely to promote your brand in a positive manner, both inside and outside of the office if motivated and happy. This generally translates into word-of-mouth marketing – the best kind of marketing. Happy employees are less likely to leave, which keeps turnover low and will save you money on training costs, errors and absenteeism. Gaining employee loyalty and boosting employee morale can be made easy with a Lifes Rewards program.

“If you wonder what getting and keeping the right employees has to do with getting and keeping the right customers, the answer is everything.” - Frederick F Reichheld: Author of "The Loyalty Effect".

Motivating your employees: Our employee loyalty programs are designed to help promote employee motivation and secure your best performers so your business will continue to grow. Not only will employee loyalty help maintain customer loyalty, but loyal employees generally help recruit other top performers to your business. Increasingly, businesses are looking for new and creative ways to boost employee morale instead of an old fashioned monetary bonus. Our Employee Added Extras (EAE) program is an employee rewards program that has been designed to improve employee morale, loyalty, productivity and retention and maximise staff satisfaction while minimising management's administration of the program. Did you know that employee incentive programs can usually be written off as a business expense too!


So why does your business need an Employee Loyalty and Incentive program? Its Simple.


Mutual Rewards

An Employee Rewards Program is mutually beneficial. The employee feels valued and motivated and is therefore more productive and committed. The company reaps the benefits of a motivated, focused and loyal employee. The results of Incentive Programs have a consistent theme. The company’s bottom line increases as the employee’s productivity peaks.


Your employees can be the greatest resource for new customer referrals (via their friends, family, and social media) as well as a great starting point when you're recruiting new employees.

Increased Motivation

Many people find it hard to motivate themselves at work. This is a common occurrence and one that has been significantly effected by Incentive Programs. Our programs are used to motivate employees by offering rewards for reaching targets and company goals. These can come in many forms ranging from gift cards to our Employee Added Extras (EAE ) program. These rewards are a great motivator but what is more inspiring for the employee is that the company cares enough to offer these incentives.

Increased Company Morale

Rewards, incentives and recognition make for a happy, harmonious working environment. Goal setting and targeting objectives helps with focus and purpose. Employee Incentive programs offer all of these things and are highly conducive to company morale. Increases in company morale help to reduce absenteeism and overall company costs. 

Increased Company Loyalty

Company loyalty is not something you can buy. However incentives for good work and rewards for hard work go along way to securing commitment from employees. Employee incentive programs show employees the company values their input and their work. If an employee feels valued and appreciated they are more likely to form an allegiance to the company.

Increased Productivity

Incentive programs promote productivity in a number of ways. Employees are offered incentives for reaching targets or for good work in general. These incentives vary but the main aim is to encourage employees to work towards company goals. With the promise of incentives and clearly defined targets employees are more productive and motivated. 

Increase Objective Achievement

Incentive Programs are a great way to reach targets and company objectives. Using an Incentive Program employers can set realistic goals and reward employees when the reach them. This is a great way to boost productivity and morale while at the same time achieving company goals. and clearly defined targets employees are more productive and motivated. 

Reduced Company Costs

Overall company costs can be reduced as a result of an Incentive Program. This cost can be measured in terms of reduced absenteeism, reduced recruitment costs and turnover of staff. You will also see a significant return on your investment via increased productivity and motivation within the office. To further explore the cost of implementing an employee incentive program please click on the link to receive quotes. 

Reduced Absenteeism

The bottom line with incentive programs comes down to the very simple fact that people like being rewarded for hard work and a job well done. The rewards are only part of the equation. Incentive schemes show employees the company cares and appreciates the work they are outputting. If an employee feels appreciated and has clear targets that result in rewards then they are more likely to want to come to work.

Greater Team Work

Incentive Programs promote teamwork and foster an environment that is conducive to success. Employees working towards rewards or targets will pull together to achieve desired results. Teamwork increases efficiency and creates harmony within the workplace.

Reduced Employee Turnover

Incentive Programs foster happy, productive working environments. Employees enjoying this kind of environment will be more likely to stay long term. This means incentive programs reduce the amount of turnovers within the company. The advantage of consistent staffing is that you are not spending money on recruiting or training new staff. You are also able to retain loyal committed employees with a vested company interest.








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