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HR Business Plans Table

  Business Basics PlanMedium Enterprise PlanSmall Business PlanExtended Business PlanLegal & Consultancy Support
1.Business Considerations for Employers  
  Our values, mission, vision statement   X X X  
  Organisation Chart Template   X X X  
  Company Employee Handbook     X X  
  Workforce Planning process flow     X X  
  Business Workforce plan template and guide     X X  
2.Hiring and Starting a New Employee  
2.1 Ready to hire  
  Job Analysis Form     X X  
  Position Description Form - General   X X X  
  Position Description Form - Graduate/ Entry Level     X X  
  Position Description Form - Skilled (3-5yrs)     X X  
  Position Description Form - Operations Manager     X X  
  Position Description Form - Business Development Manager     X X  
  Position Description Form - HR Manager     X X  
  Position Description Form - Financial Controll     X X  
  Position Description Form - Office Manager     X X  
2.2 Finding Talent  
  Types of Employment   X X X  
  Methods of Recruitment - Advertising   X X X  
  Apprentice and Trainee Recruitment Guideline     X X  
  Graduate Recruitment Guideline     X X  
  Job Announcement Template   X X X  
  Job Advertising Template   X X X  
2.3 Choosing Talent  
Selection Recruitment and Selection Checklist   X X X  
  Job Application Form   X X X  
  Interview Skills and Guidelines   X X X  
  Interview Questions   X X X  
  Sample Reference Questions   X X X  
  Candidate Information Checklist   X X X  
  Reference Check Form   X X X  
  Letters to Applicant - Not Successful   X X X  
  Shortlisting Matrix   X X X  
  Recruitment Process and Checklist   X X X  
  Recruitment Process Map   X X X  
  Selection Process Map   X X X  
  Recruitment Guideline   X X X  
2.4 Job Offers  
Appointment New Starter Checklist   X X X  
  Letter of Engagement - award/non-award   X X X  
  Employment Agreement         X
  Independant Contractors Agreement         X
  Confidentiality Agreement         X
  Non-disclosure Agreement         X
  Work Experience Agreement   X X X  
2.5 Starting a New Employee  
Employee Documents Employee Details Form   X X X  
  Employee Timesheet Form   X X X  
  Leave Application Form   X X X  
  Leave Record Form   X X X  
  Cashing Out Annual Leave Form   X X X  
  Employee Roster Template   X X X  
  Overtime, time off in leiu and shift work payment procedure   X X X  
  How to induct a new employee   X X X  
  Superannuation procedure and forms   X X X  
  Staff Induction Checklist   X X X  
2.6 Policies  
Policies Recruitment Policy   X X X  
  Agency Policy     X X  
  Induction Policy   X X X  
  Probation Policy   X X X  
  Code of Conduct Policy   X X X  
  Leave Policy   X X X  
  Dress Code Policy   X X X  
  IT, Internet, Email and Social Media Policies   X X X  
  Information Technology (IT) Security Policy   X X X  
  Conflict of Interest Policy   X X X  
  Intellectual Property Policy   X X X  
  Theft, Missapropriation and Fraud Policy   X X X  
  Drug and Alcohol Policy   X X X  
  Fit for Work Policy   X X X  
  Prevention and Management of Stress Policy     X X  
  Pregnacy at Work Policy   X X X  
  Quality Policy     X X  
  Health and Safety Policy   X X X  
  Dangerous Goods and and Hazardous Materials Policy     X X  
  Environmental Policy     X X  
  Emergency Policy and Procedures   X X X  
  Services Provision Policy     X X  
  Shared Areas and Recreation Facilities Policy     X X  
  Company Vehicle Policy     X X  
  On Site Driving Policy     X X  
  Injury Management Policy     X X  
  Behaviour in the Workplace Policy     X X  
  Training and Development Policy   X X X  
  Performance Management Policy   X X X  
  Performance Improvement Policy     X X  
  Flexible Working Arrangements Policy   X X X  
  Gross/Serious Misconduct Policy   X X X  
  Discipline and Termination Policy   X X X  
  Equal Employment and Elimination of Discrimination, Harassment and Bullying Policy   X X X  
  Return to Work Policy   X X X  
  Employeee Benifits Policy     X X  
  Grievance Complaints Policy   X X X  
  Employee Referral Bonus Policy     X X  
  Workers Compensation Policy   X X X  
2.7 Health and Safety in the Workplace  
  OH&S Consultation Statement         X
  HSE Inspection Form         X
  Incident Report Form         X
  Medicals Procedure (preemployment)         X
  Workers Compensation Return to Work Procedure         X
  Incident Reporting and Injury Management Procedure         X
  Personal Protective Equipment Procedure         X
3.How to Manage Employees  
  360 Degree Feedback Form     X X  
  Performance Appraisals Procedure     X X  
  Development Plan Form     X X  
  Performance Management Procedure     X X  
  Performance Improvement Plan     X X  
  Meeting Forms and Process     X X  
  Employee Payslip   X X X  
  Study Assistance Application Form     X X  
  Renumeration Management Procedure     X X  
  Greivance Procedure   X X X  
  Salary Sacrifice Agreement     X X  
  Employee Referral Bonus Program     X X  
  Expense Reimbursement Form   X X X  
  Formal Notice of First Warning Letter     X X  
4.Growing, Changing, Supporting Employees  
  Training Assessment Form     X X  
  Employee Training Register   X X X  
  Promotions Letter     X X  
  Performance Key Result Areas     X X  
  Incentive Strategy for Career Development     X X  
  Transition to Retirement       X  
  Flexible Work Arrangements   X X X  
  Employee Skills and Knowlege Upgrade     X X  
  Management Handbook       X  
  Mentoring Programs     X X  
  Restructuring     X X  
  Business Succession Planning     X X  
  Redundancy Procedure         X
  Redundancy Notice         X
  Redundancy the Next Day         X
  Redundancy Suggested Script         X
  Employee Exit Form and Checklist   X X X  
  Employee Exit Guide     X X  
5.Other Programs  

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