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Our Legal Provider Network


Pre-Paid Legal provides its members with direct access to an experienced quality law firm when they have a Legal need. We have built a successful Legal Provider network around the world.

Benefits of becoming a Plan Law Firm

Law firms that participate as Legal Service Providers enjoy many benefits such as increased exposure to potential clients, increased cash flow for the Law Firm and increased referral business. Why?

> We provide a consistent referral source of work. Pre-Paid Legal refers thousands of clients to law firms every year.

> Pre-Paid Legal`s service plans are marketed to consumers of such businesses as large banks, credit card issuers, mortgage companies and other organisational groups through a range of marketing channels.

> It does not cost you anything to join as a Legal Service Provider.

> Plan members pay you directly for any services you render on their behalf.

Your participation as a Legal Service Provider gives you additional marketing opportunities without incuring any of the costs. Satisfied Plan Members are a valuable source of referrals from their family, friends and co-workers. These referrals may or may not be Plan Members and word of mouth is the best form of advertising. As such we encourage all of our Legal Service Providers to develop good relationships with members refered to them to so they may build and establish a solid foundation for what may become a lifelong relationship.

For this reason Law firms are encouraged to apply for the provision of Legal Services to our members by becoming part of our Legal Service Provider network. If you would like a consistant referral source of revenue, then please consider the following:

Pre-Paid Legal Services takes selection of its Legal Service Providers seriously. Our criteria includes only dealing with established Law Firms committed to providing quality legal services to meet the needs of our members.

Pre-Paid Legal believes that its Legal Service Provider Network is a direct reflection of the company itself.

Pre-Paid Legal has continually attracted and retained some of the highest quality law firms to provide services to its members as Legal Service Providers. In fact,Pre-Paid Legal members continually rate our Legal Service Provider Law Firms among the best.

Currently,Pre-Paid Legal members globally are supported by a network of more than 100,000 lawyers and the Pre-Paid Legal Network continues to grow as membership expands. Pre-Paid Legal employs strict guidelines when screening prospective Legal Service Providers.

Please note: All Legal Service Providers providing the legal services must meet certain criteria in order to be considered as a provider to Pre-Paid Legal.


Our Requirements

To ensure that our members' interests are represented only by caring and experienced high quality law firms, we require the law firm to:


> Be established with a minimum of 10 years of operation;

> Be in good standing with the Legal Practice Board in their respective State or Territory;

> Provide specialist lawyers in the areas required under our legal service plans;

> Have a history in practising a service philosophy parallel to that of Pre-Paid Legal Services;

> Understand and empathise with the needs of our members and their legal problems;

> Provide courteous and professional service at all times;

> Treat all members as if they were their largest client, in most cases.


What we do

Pre-Paid Legal continually monitors the quality of service received by our members through a variety of quality control methods, including: 


> Legal Service Provider Profiles

> Member Satisfaction Surveys

> Member Feedback Requests

> Selected Case Filing

> Regular Providers' Meetings



What we provide


Our Legal Service Plans provide members with coverage for many types of personal and business legal matters, including but not limited to: 

> Preventative Legal Services, covering;

+ Legal Consultation and Correspondence

+ Contract and Document Review & Preparation

+ Wills, Powers of Attorney

> Land and Business Law

> Banking and Finance Legal Services

> Motor Vehicle Legal Services

> Family/Defacto Law

> Employment and Workplace Relations

> Medical / Dental / Health Professional Negligence

> Court Proceedings - Civil and Criminal

> Income Taxation Legal Services

> 24 Hour Emergency Legal Access

> Preferred Member Discount Services

And more.


Law firms are encouraged to apply for the provision of Legal Services to our members by becoming part of our Legal Service Provider network. If you practice law in any of the above areas or others mentioned in this website and are in good standing with the Legal Practice Board in your State or Territory, have a minimum of 10 years experience and believe you have a service philosophy to meet the needs of our members and would like to join us and gain a consistant referral source of revenue then click on the following link.


About Pre-Paid Legal

Understanding the struggles that individuals, families and business owners encompass with not having access to affordable legal services, is the inspiration behind Pre-Paid Legal Plans. Learn more

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