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     from unforeseen Legal Expense

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Today, many businesses are burdened with increasing legal issues and their associated costs. Most businesses struggle, just to keep pace with changes to the law, let alone its impact or the costs involved in trying to do so.

Statistics show that the average business will have a requirement two to three times a year for some form of legal assistance. With seven out of ten businesses experiencing some form of major legal issue in a twelve (12) month period. As a result many businesses are now looking for better ways to access, manage and control this type of expense. A legal plan is one of the most effective and efficient ways to do so without the stress and the financial worry.

To help provide a cost effective solution to what is seen as one of the major challenges facing small business. Pre-Paid Legal offers access to full legal assistance and support for all businesses through a variety of Pre-Paid Legal Business Plans designed to fit your circumstances.

Pre-Paid Legal Plans

Pre-Paid Legal plans are simply a way of organising and financing the delivery of legal services to people in a way they are accustomed to receiving and paying for other services. The most obvious parallel is the medical benefits delivery system, which is based to a large extent on the availability of insurance to cover the cost of service.

Pre-Paid Legal plans provide for pre-payment for legal advice, consultation services, and representation combined with a discount fee for service benefit. They are designed to cover a large percentage of the average business’s legal needs in a given year. Pre-Paid Legal Plans provide members with direct access to a quality law firm whenever they have a legal need.

Pre-Paid Legal`s provider law firm network is the result of extensive evaluation and of experience working with hundreds of lawyers across the country.

A Pre-Paid Legal Plan in Essence:

> Provides easy access to a lawyer for all your essential day to day business legal services with substantial cost savings.

> Makes budgeting for payment of such legal expenses easier.

> Provides a cost effective means for you the business owner to manage and reduce your legal risk.

> Provides a greater level of customer service support with an effective adjudication structure in place, if issues do arise between you as a member and a Legal Service Provider.

> Makes the cost of retaining a lawyer more realistic and certain with the cost of doing so being quantifiable.

> Makes it easier for you the business owner to gain a better understanding of the law, its processes and its impact upon you and your business.

In many instances legal issues are precipitated by the challenges we face not only in our personal lives but more so in our business lives and one of the first steps in protecting the value of your business is to have an accurate knowledge and understanding of the law. With a Pre-Paid Legal Business plan you will always have the ability to be able to seek legal advice early, rather than put it off until the problem becomes more involved and as a result more costly. A Pre-Paid Legal Business Plan offers a Smart, Simple and Affordable solution to dealing with your business legal needs.

Pre-Paid Legal Plan Benefits

A Pre-Paid Legal Business Plan provides the following basic areas of coverage:

Preventative legal services:
   Telephone advice & consultation
   Face to face consultation
   Phone calls & letters to third parties
   Contract & document review & preparation
   Recoveries and Debt collection
   Insurance law
   Specialist consultation including;
        Maritime Law
        PPL Law
        Income Tax Law
        Capital raising
        Directors responsibilities
        Liquor Licensing issues
        International Law

Land and business law:
        The sale and purchase of property/land or business

Banking & finance legal services
        Including review and preparation of loan agreements.

Motor vehicle/commercial water craft legal services

Court proceedings – Civil and criminal - defendant and plantiff

Income Taxation legal services

Other Legal Services – including pre-existing issues and legal services not specifically covered  under this membership plan.

What happens when you have a legal need

When you have a legal issue, or require legal advice, simply contact Pre-Paid Legal directly, during normal business hours between 9.00am to 5.00pm, Monday to Friday (except Public Holidays). A PPL customer service representative on answering your call will ask you the following;

> Your Name and the business you represent,

> Your Pre-Paid Legal business Membership number,

> What type of legal concern you have or require assistance for,

they will then determine what is the most appropriate course of action for your particular issue. The customer service representative will address and answer any enquiry that is membership related, or if the issue requires the services of a solicitor you will be given the contact details of a Legal Service Provider along with a reference number in relation to your matter.

You then contact the Legal Service Provider during normal business hours and advise them of:
> Your  name and the business you represent
> That you are a Pre-Paid Legal member
> Your Pre-Paid Legal membership number
> And the type of legal matter and the PPL reference number issued for your matter.

If a solicitor is unavailable at the time of the call to deal with your matter, you simply leave all relevant contact numbers that you can be reached on and the solicitor and/or his/her personal assistant will call you back within forty eight (48) hours. If you have not recieved a return call within this time frame then please contact PPL directly and a customer support representative will follow up on your matter immediately.

So remove the worry of getting professional legal advice or representation from your mind and let us focus on your legal matters, while you focus on what really matters: Your Business.

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