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Life Events Legal Plan

  Employee/Contractor Legal Plans   Ppre-Paid Legal Plans

Legal Consultation Services
Telephone or personal consultations and advice, concerning any legal matter, be it personal and/or business. Benefits under this section are limited to up to an hour per matter of legal consultation and advice concerning the matter at no charge. Any aditional time will be charged at a preferred member discount rate.

Legal Correspondence Services
All legal correspondence including letters and phone calls to third parties at a preferred member discount rate.
Contract/Document Review and Preparation
All review and preparation of contracts or documents at a preferred member discount rate.
Wills and Estate Planning
One (1) simple will including an enduring power of attorney at no charge. Review and changes to Will at no charge for the life of the Membership. Storage of Original Will at no charge for the life of the Membership. All other estate planning and support services available at a preferred member discount rate.

Estate planning and support services
 - Discretionary Family Trust Deeds
 - Testamentary trusts
 - Appointment of impartial professional executors to estates
 - Business Succession Planning and Deeds
 - Personal Trust and Trustee Services
 - Special Disability Trust
Aftercare Support Services
 - Executor Assist
 - Assistance to Attorneys and Guardians (Income collection, bill paying, etc)

Settlement fees charged on the sale or purchase of land or property being for your primary place of residence will be at a flat rate of $500 for this service. Settlement fees on the sale or purchase of investment property or land will be at a $500 for this service. Where court orders/variations to title apply then settlement fees will be at a flat rate of $800. Conditions may apply and this section of your plan should be read in conjunction with contract terms and conditions. 

The member may have interpreted, reviewed and prepared by the Legal Service Provider any personal mortgages, bills of sale, charges or other personal security documents in which the covered member is a contracting party, all at a preferred member discount rate. The member, may receive telephone or personal consultation and advice concerning any legal matter relating to loan recovery, mortgagee sales, foreclosures and enforcement of securities, including bills of sale, charges and other debt securities of which the member is contracted as the borrower or provider, lender or recipient of security,  at a preferred member discount rate.

All initial advice in relation to any motor vehicle matter is at no charge. Defence of all civil or criminal charges/drivers licence assistance (extraordinary and special) including consultation, preparation and actual court representation is at a preferred member discount rate.
We provide all motorists and other road users with free, no obligation legal advice following an accident. If you are injured in a road accident you may be entitled to compensation, whether you are a driver, passenger, cyclist or pedestrian. Unlike a lot of personal injury law firms, our service providers don`t ask for money up front and work on a no-win, no-fee basis meaning you don`t pay any legal fees if you don`t receive any compensation. Our service providers have many years of experience in dealing with at fault insurers and will endeavour to obtain for our members the compensation they deserve.

The primary member may receive at the sole discretion of the Legal Service Provider, telephone or personal consultation, during normal business hours, concerning any Family Law or de-facto relationship matter. Cover includes review, consultation, letters to third parties and representation on any Family Law or de-facto relationship law matters, all at a preferred member discount rate.

The member may have reviewed by the Legal Service Provider any Workplace Agreements or Contracts of Employment in which the member is a contracting party. In addition provision is made for assistance with any claim for unfair dismissal, unpaid contractual entitlements, harassment or discrimination and workers compensation issues including advice, preparation and representation at a preferred member discount rate.

The covered member may have reviewed and investigated by the Legal Service Provider any cause of action against a medical/dental/health professional or a hospital for a negligent medical/dental/health procedure where the covered member is an aggrieved party, at a preferred member discount rate.

Membership provisions for the defence or pursuit of a civil or criminal matter is at a preferred member rate.

When notified in writing by the ATO of an audit of income tax return or when ordered to appear at the offices of the ATO. Membership includes consultation, advice, negotiation and representation as required at a preferred member discount rate.
If you or a spouse or partner is detained or arrested by a member of the police service in your state or territory, you have twenty four (24) hour legal emergency telephone access to a PPL duty officer or solicitor for assistance or legal advice and representation, if necessary.

All other legal services not specifically provided for by this plan are provided at a discount rate of 15% off the Legal Service Provider's standard hourly rate for representation or service. This includes matters either pre-existing by their nature or currently on foot and being dealt with or requiring legal action as a result of a prior occurrence or arrangement.

The information contained in this material is for illustrative purposes only and is not a contract. It is intended to provide a general overview of the coverage. Only the plan contract can provide full terms, coverage, amounts, conditions and exclusions, with all benefits provided, governed in accordance with the terms and conditions of the selected legal service plan contract taken out.

A Preferred Member Discount rate means a discount rate of 20% off the Legal Service Provider’s standard hourly rate for the given legal service.

This plan costs $12.00/month + (GST) or $144/per annum + (GST).

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