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Save with your membership and enjoy the benefits of being a Pre-Paid Legal member with our Lifes Rewards program, offering you great savings all day, everyday.


There are thousands of Savings on Offer

As a Pre-Paid Legal Member a world of benefits awaits you as part of our member lifes rewards program. Literally thousands of benefits and rewards have been sourced to help you make the most from your membership. You can enjoy significant savings and preferential treatment on a wide range of everyday products and services as well as luxury items and exotic holiday getaways. Pre-Paid Legal`s lifes rewards membership is an online discount rewards program provided "free" to all Pre-Paid Legal Personal Plan members as part of their personal legal plan membership and will remain valid for the term of your legal plan membership.

The Lifes Rewards program provides you access directly via our online portal to a wide selection of products and services from local and national retailers and suppliers across the country including some of Australia`s top brands and household names, as well as other exclusive membership benefits and offers designed to help you save money and offset the cost of your legal plan by allowing you to save money where possible on everyday purchases and make the most of your membership. Our philosophy is simple. We hope that by providing you with access to an ever increasing range of day to day benefits and savings you can save money and better utilise those savings towards more important needs or desires and in doing so, enjoy the advantages of your membership while making the experience a rewarding one.

As a Pre-Paid Legal Plan member you not only benefit from all the savings on offer, you also have the opportunity to earn money as well as the chance to win some magnificent holidays, along with other membership reward offerings to help you enjoy and make the most of your membership and your lifestlye, by simply referring others.

Earn an Income for Life - with our Lifes Rewards Bonus Income Plan.

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View our Lifes Rewards Bonus Income Plan for members.

Our philosophy is simple, we want to make the experience of being a member a rewarding one. By providing members with the opportunity to refer others and be paid for doing so along with access to an ever increasing range of day to day benefits with great savings. Our aim is to help members keep their day to day costs down, as well as offset the cost of their Legal Plan membership and benefit further by allowing them to utilise the funds they save towards other needs or desires and in doing so, enjoy the advantages their pre-paid legal plan membership offers even when they don`t have a current legal need.

For more information about our Lifes Rewards program for Members contact us or login to the member services area of this website.

Business Plan members are also catered for through our customer loyalty programs, giving them an edge over their competition with access to a loyalty program that can be customized to meet their needs to help them maximize, employee engagement, customer loyalty and retention and increase customer spending through a variety of reward programs, gift cards programs, and employee loyalty programs, that are flexible, fully accessable and provided free or at member only rates.

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