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Enhance your employees wellness and loyalty with a benefits package that not only offers peace of mind, but rewards them and much more.

  • Employer Benefits

    Employers benefit from group legal plans and services because they:
    • Are easy to implement
    • Enhance the competitiveness of the benefits package
    • Are employee funded
    • Have no minimum participation requirements
    • Generate the maximum impact for minimum cost
    • And most importantly, group legal plans give employees affordable access to the legal services they need, at no cost to your organization.
  • Think for a moment

    • Could you afford for your employees legal problems to impact on your financial well-being?
    • Employees simply do not perform well when troubled, distracted, or under stress from legal life events, so it is in your interest to help simplify their lives. Otherwise your employees legal problems will become yours and cost you money in terms of: absenteeism, reduced productivity and increased operational costs.
  • Did you know....

    • Your employees legal problems cost you money in terms of: absenteeism, reduced productivity and increased operational costs?
    • 7 out of 10 employees experience a need for legal advice and support each year?
    • Almost half of the employees who take time off work do so to deal with problems that are either legal or legal - related?
    • The average employee is more likely to find him or herself in court than in hospital, yet most employees have health insurance, but nothing in place to assist with legal issues?
  • Studies Show

    Studies show that employees with legal problems usually:
    • Are absent five times more than average.
    • Use sick leave entitlements twice as often as the average employee.
    • Experience substantial reduction in their productivity due to stress and worry
    • Contribute to increased overall operating costs.
  • As an Employer - have you ever....

    • Had an employee take time off work for a personal legal matter?
    • Lost productivity because of employee distraction or loss of focus on the job?
    • Noticed an increase in overall operational costs due to employee absenteeism?
    • If you answered yes to any of these questions, then we can help. We can give your employees the legal help they need, providing unlimited access to a lawyer, anywhere, anytime at an affordable monthly rate, while in turn, giving employers a simple solution to help their employees remain focused at work knowing their legal issues are well in hand.
  • Increase your productivity from employees

    Stress-related issues, such as depression, troubled sleeping and troubled concentration due to worry over legal matters, all have a direct affect on the physical and emotional well-being of an employee. This in turn impacts upon their capacity to maintain their focus whilst at work.
    • Having access to a lawyer through a group legal plan increases employee confidence, reduces stress and provides greater peace of mind when they may need it most.
    • In addition, this work-based model (legal benefits plan) resolves legal issues much quicker than the do-it-yourself approach that most employees are faced with.
    • Providing employees with a legal benefits plan for legal services they can use not only helps them untangle their affairs without excessive time out of the workplace. It minimises personal problem solving while at work, reducing the flow on effects to your business.
  • Resolve Legal Issues Quicker

    Help to resolve employee legal issues :
    • Until they actually need a lawyer, many employees don`t really know where to turn when they need to resolve a legal issue.
    • Most employees are convinced they can`t afford a lawyer and often try unsuccessfully to handle complex problems on their own.
    • Others are intimidated by the law or are simply unsure of how to find the right lawyer for their matter.
    • Study`s have found that those employees with a legal plans took quicker, actionable steps to deal with and resolve their problems and as a result were less distracted and less likely to take time off work.
  • Reduce Employee Absenteeism

    Enhance employee wellness by addressing personal legal needs:
    • Physical and emotional problems related to legal issues are directly linked to increased stress and absenteeism, but a group legal plan can help reduce the worry and the number of work days missed by employees.
    • In fact, 70% of individuals who use a lawyer through a group legal plan do not take any paid time off to work to deal with their legal issues.
    • This positively benefits both the employer and the employee.
  • Increase employee morale and loyalty

    An employee benefits program with legal plan access enhances employee morale by helping them:
    • Take less time off work to deal with personal legal issues
    • Have increased confidence and peace of mind
    • Are able to resolve their issue more easily
    • Achieve a more positive outcome to their situations
    • Experience fewer stress-related symptoms as a result of their legal matters
    • Save time and money
    • 87% of employees who have a group legal plan use it more than once a year. 83% of legal plan participants re-enroll for the next calendar year.
  • Action Steps

    Enhance employee wellness by taking action today:
    • Enrollment in a group legal plan and start a workplace employee benefits program that generates strong corporate goodwill, while providing peace of mind.
    • Employers with goals to retain top talent, control costs and improve employee productivity find that a group legal plan through a workplace benefits program is a key solution to meeting these objectives, whilst helping their employees secure their financial well-being.
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Why offer a Legal Benefit Plan to your employees.

There are immense benefits for employers in ensuring employees have appropriate access to legal support. Most employers don`t realize the detrimental impact employee legal and financial problems have on workplace productivity. Employees are three times more likely to be involved in a legal life event than be admitted to hospital in any given year and take more time off work for legal matters than they do for health related ones.

In today`s world almost all employees experience life events that have potential legal ramifications, leading to time off work resulting in direct financial cost and impact on a business's overall performance and its profitability. Statistics show that 7 out of 10 employees experience at least one legal life event a year.

The most common of these being the following:

> Personal property issues, such as the sale or purchase of a car or boat, renting an apartment or refinancing a home, hiring a contractor for work on a residence.

> Personal financial matters such as credit problems, debt collection, estate planning and tax issues and at the very worst bankruptcy.

> Family related events such as domestic disputes, separation or divorce resulting in a need for legal counseling.

> Death of a family member and the administration of an estate, or the long term care of an elderly loved one and their placement in a nursing home.

> Traffic violations and infringements.

> The creation of a Will and financial planning needs.

Whilst these are common problems and your employees do have them. The real problem often is that they do not know where to find the best legal advice or support - except to take a stab in the yellow pages or search the internet for a local referral service. A legal plan helps solve these problems.

One of the keys to being an employer of choice is to demonstrate employee worth by not just the money you pay them but how you treat and reward them in non-monetary ways. It is this that will set your business apart from others and ensure you stand a better chance of winning in the 'war for talent'.

Legal Benefits make sense

It's a known fact... Employees do not perform well when confronted with legal problems. If your receptionist is worrying about her son's arrest... your customer service representative is in a dispute with his landlord... or your top salesman is bickering with a car repair shop... they are not thinking about work.

Most employees are convinced they can not afford a lawyer and often try to unsuccessfully handle complex problems on their own. Others are intimidated by the law or are simply unsure of how to find the right lawyer for their matter.

Whatever the reason,  foregoing legal help leads to damages far beyond the scope of the original problem. An employee can suffer anxiety, frustration, and financial loss. At work, this often leads to distractions, loss of productivity and reduced attendance, all of which have a direct impact on a business's bottom line.

Seldom do employees ask for a legal benefit. But when you ask if an employee has a specific problem or need that requires legal advice to resolve, the answer in most cases is “Yes, I have that kind of problem.” Very few employees are aware that a legal plan provides them the support they need to address these problems. As an Employer you can now offer them the Employee legal cover they need and the peace of mind they deserve.

Pre-Paid Legal Services offers an incredibly powerful employee benefit in the form of the Group Employee Legal Plan which is the most affordable option for an employee and can be funded either by you as the employer or through direct payment or salary sacrifice by the employee. So enhance employee wellness by offering them either a Group Employee Legal Plan or individual Employee/Contractor legal cover. It makes good sense for all and is a real Win-Win Scenario.

How can you help my business?

What will it cost?

How difficult is enrollment and administration?

I'd like more information please.



Physical and emotional problems related to legal issues are directly linked to increased stress and absenteeism in the workplace. Enhance your employees wellness by addressing their personal legal needs with a legal benefits plan and be rewarded in the process.

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