HR Business Services


Pre-Paid HR Services is a division of Pre-Paid Legal Services offering a single-source solution for small and medium-sized businesses to corporates and multinationals that help meet their employee relations and human resource needs. We provide businesses with the information and tools necessary to help them hire and retain staff while adhearing to federal and state legislative requirements with a streamlined approach to performance management so they can focus on their core businesses competencies, while we help them with:

As business owners, many of us juggle a myriad of different tasks everyday. From being the accountant, operations manager, sales director to head of IT -- the list goes on. This is especially true if your just starting out in business, where it can be difficult to keep your eye on all aspects of your business at the same time. One area that often gets compromised – and is an area where your business cannot afford to get into trouble is Human Resources. Your Human Resources issues are too important to simply over look, procrastinate on or hope for the best.

Pre-Paid HR Services helps to protect businesses and organizations from non-compliance and the resulting liability. Our sole aim is to help save you money through best practices, creation and implementation of procedures and systems that put practicality and efficiency into meeting your human resources needs.

All Pre-Paid Legal business plans have access to our HR Support Services. The type business legal plan you have will determine your level of access to the HR services available. You can increase your access to the services available by upgrading your existing Legal Plan to a Plan above Business Basics or by adding a HR Plan component to your existing Legal Plan.  View HR Plan entitlements.

Don`t waste anymore time, remove the frustration and worry from your life - by letting us focus on your HR matters, while you focus on what really matters -

"Growing your Business"